Important Message_Clarification on the IPF Technical Rules – Deadlift

9th September 2023



To APU Members,


The APU Technical Committee recently held an extraordinary meeting. On the agenda was an item concerning a yellow card failure of the deadlift discipline. It was discussed that the rule concerning what constitute ‘maintain control’ in the returning of the bar to the platform after the referee signal ‘down’ be clarified as guidance to the correct interpretation.


The dropping of the bar while both hands are gripping the bar, causing the bar to slam onto the platform is not maintaining control. Therefore, if a lifter returns the bar to the platform without the maintaining control of the decent, in the opinion of the adjudicating referees, the lift will be given a ‘no lift’ and a yellow failure. The lifter and coach will be warned that they will need to control the bar. If the practice continues after the lifter and the coach has been officially warned the lifter maybe disqualified from the competition for misconduct.


This is not a rule change this is a further clarification of point 7 in the IPF Technical Rules for Causes for Disqualification of a Deadlift. The releasing of the bar from the palms of the hand during the controlled decent will still be a ‘no lift’ and a yellow failure.


7. Allowing the bar to return to the platform without maintaining control with both hands, i.e., releasing the bar from the palms of the hand.


This clarification of the Technical Rule has been approved by the APU Board.



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