UPDATE_The Selection of 2022 Commonwealth Classic/Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships and Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship

3rd August 2022


030822: UPDATE in yellow highlight
On behalf of APU Board
To APU Lifters,
The APU Board has approved additional selection criteria for Team AUS for the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Classic/Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships from 28 November - 4 December (in Auckland, NZ) and Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships from 5 December - 12 December (in Dubai, UAE).
Primary selection will still be the 2021 APU National Championships Collate.
For Open lifter (i.e. Classic), the only selection is 2021 APU National Championships Collate.
For Junior, sub-Junior, Masters and Equipped, there will be a secondary selection criteria from the 2022 APU National Classic Sub JR, JR and Master Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships as well as 2022 APU National Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships.
The expression of interest https://forms.gle/wk28fH3SacdHTL878 is open till 1st of September 2022 7th of September 2022.
Any questions please email them through to the Team Manager- team.manager@powerlifting.org.au

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