18th June 2022


Dear APU Members and Supporters,


We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and friendly for children and young people.
Child safety must be embedded in our culture and understood and practiced at all levels of our sport. 
It is essential everyone involved with delivering our sport understands the important legal and governance responsibilities they have in relation to child safety. This includes boards, committees, administrators, volunteers, coaches, parents and participants. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the well-being of children and young people at risk.
The Child Safeguarding Policy sets out the process for responding to and reporting child abuse allegations. The policy also details child safe practices, including examples of breaches of these practices, and the process for the recruitment and screening of volunteers and employees, including working with children checks. Resources to assist with the process, including interview and reference check sample questions, are provided to assist National Sporting Organisations and sporting organisations with the process.
Child Safeguarding training is provided to APU committees and persons who are interested in becoming a Child Safeguard committee person. For those who are interested, please contact sean.muir@powerlifting.org.au
Yours in Strength
Sean Muir on behalf of APU Board
APU Regulations and Policies can be accessed here Documents (powerlifting.org.au)

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