Statement from The APU President_240923



Dear All,


Thank you for bringing the current social media issue to our attention.


Personally, I regret that this issue happened and especially involved my family member (I.e. Son). 


As a member of the organisation, I request APU to deal with this issue fairly and seriously. A full investigation should be conducted to all parties. From the video maker to the video recipient who spread it on Social media.


As the head of the organisation and to uphold the integrity values, I have submitted my Conflict of Interest declaration to the APU Board. This is to ensure a fair process and I will not get involved in any decision-making.


I will respect all the due processes and decisions of the APU.


I'm confident Scott Peisley, David Vaughan, Max Bristow and Lin Donevska will conduct a fair process since APU is not an individual-owned organisation.


Last but not least, as a father, I will allow Nicolas to be accountable and to bear all the consequences of his own conduct. I will be asking questions about what led to this private video.


I appreciate all of your attention.

I apologise for any inconvenience, and I thank you for guarding our organisation's values and culture.


Please let the directors conduct their investigation and respect the process.



London, 24 September 2023.

Yours in strength

Sean Muir

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