Plan for 2024 National Open Classic Powerlifting Championships (NOCPC) and onwards





In continuation to previous message;

Thank you to All the feedback so far. Either Pros or Cons.

It is great to see this active engagement. 




The APU will organise a presentation to finalise this subject.


Join us at the ZOOM meeting on 10th of Sept, 2023, 8:30 PM BNE Time (+/- 1 hour duration).

Register in advance for this meeting: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.




To manage traffic, we reserve spots for only 75 participants.




Zoom etiquette:

1. Be respectful.

2. Mute your microphone when you aren't speaking.


See you!


Hi APU Members,


On August 30th, 2023, there was a topic re. National Open Classic Powerlifting Championships (NOCPC) selection process in the APU Member Jungle chat room (scroll down for the screenshot).

So, we are all on the same page;

The APU has not included the article in its regulation yet.


We heard the pros and cons from members.

To accommodate and systemise this feedback, we created this form click here.

For those who are active in MJ chat room, you can see the link to that form.

Meanwhile, for those who don't use the chat room, we invite you to fill out the form if you wish.


To proceed to the next stage (consolidation & presentation), we need to close the form by setting a time limit for filling the form.

The deadline is 9 Sept 2023.


If you haven't filled out the form, please fill it out.

If so, to maintain integrity, please do not duplicate your input/feedback.



Thank you.








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