Welcome aboard New APU Members and Good Day to all Active Members!



APU has released many important messages in the past.

The purpose of this memo is to help you catch up with those important posts.

Big chance, we will repost & repost the same memo in the future to keep everyone (i.e. new & existing members) on the same page.

(Notes: All post is available on website 'News' section


Let's start!


IF you are wondering;

When is the State Championships?! When is the National Championships?!

Go to these important posts.

Classic >>> News - Important Update_APU Calendar 2023-2024 and Amendment to Exemption Rule (


Equipped >>> News - UPDATE_APU Calendar 2023-2024_EQUIPPED (


Furthermore, IF you (as athlete, coach, referee or official) recently just competed in non-APU/IPF sanctioned competition (International and/or Invitational), please note this important post.

News - Important Update_Participation at Non-Compliant Anti-Doping Event (

This regulation is inline with IPF Constitution Article 14.


If you have any further inquiry, memberships/ technical/ results etc, the committee's emails are available here Executive and Non-Executive Committee (




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